Since many years Starlounge is a successful event and film distribution company, focusing on Alternative Content and documentaries. From 2002 till 2005 and 2014 till 2015 Starlounge distributed the world’s most successful Extrem Sport movies, „Nuit de la Glisse“ (, in 2016 Starlounge initiated the final sale of the movie slate to Red Bull TV in Austria. Since 2014, Starlounge expanded its work field into Art and Music Documentaries and started to work with Exhibition On Screen, a world-wide successful and Award winning series of documentaries (www.exhibitiononscreen) and Art Alliance, the world’s leading alternative content distributor. For Exhibition On Screen and other products of Seventh Art Productions, Starlounge manages the marketing, distribution and PR for the German speaking market. Starlounge is a trusted partner of exhibitors such as Cineplex, Cinemaxx, CinemaxX, CineStar, UCI, YORCK and Cinecitta and about 50 further Art House Cinemas in Germany and Austria. Networking and media cooperations where closed with partners such as the new Barberini Museum Potsdam, Karstadt Sport, Radio Energy, various media and other partners.

Starlounge distributed and was responsible for the consulting of films among others from the field of Art such as, Art „EOS Season II – IV“ and „Faberge“; films from the music industry such as „Kraftwerk“, „REM“ or „Bowie is…“, but also on major sports event movies such as „Nuit de la Glisse“ (2202 – 2005; 2014 – 2015) and „The Cave Jump“ with Felix Baumgartner.

• Distribution Consultancy and hired Distribution
• Creation of Communication and Marketing Campaign
• Open up Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities
• PR (in partnership)
• Events