Ich, Claude Monet

Seventh Art Productions presents the art film series of the award-winning director Phil Grabsky with EXHIBITION ON SCREEN in 2017. Take a front row seat in front of the greatest art treasures in history. Experience art you’ve never seen before. From February 19,2017, this magnificent film series starts with the surprisingly revealing biography “ICH, CLAUDE MONET” in 40 German cities.

Monet is considered the father of Impressionism. His work “Impression, Sunrise” from 1872 gave the entire movement its name. Based on more than 2,500 letters from Monet, director Phil Grabsky’s “ICH, CLAUDE MONET” opens up brand new perspectives on one of the perhaps most popular painters in the world.

Through his more than 2,500 letters Monet speaks to us and thus gives us deep insights into the abysses of his soul and reveals them. In this way we experience the captivating life story of a man who suffered from deep depression, suicidal thoughts and loneliness behind his colorful, radiant images. So he wrote in one of his letters:”The future seems very gloomy. Doubts have overcome me. I think I’m lost. I’m not a good painter. I don’t want to be compared to the great old masters.”

Monet was always on the lookout for the right motif, the right light, life itself – a seemingly endless quest. He wrote:”My head is bursting. I want to paint everything.” And he did, too. From grain shovels to the ladies in the garden to the wonderful water lily paintings from his own garden in Giverny.

“ICH, CLAUDE MONET” is the grandiose opening film of EXHIBITION ON SCREEN’s fourth season in Germany. From February 19, the documentary will be shown in German cinemas in more than 40 cities before it is released in 48 countries around the world.

In the fourth season, producer Phil Grabsky takes us on a filmic journey through the camera lens to discover art in a completely new way and thus gain new impressions and insights about the artists. Experience these great perspectives on art treasures of different currents and eras, from Monet to Bosch to Michelangelo and the American Impressionists, in perfect HD and brilliant 5.1 surround sound. Let yourself be enchanted and inspired by art that you have never experienced before!

Phil Grabsky not only allows us to take a look at the works, but also looks behind the scenes:”What does the work of art tell us about the artist and the period in which it was created? And where did the artist get his inspiration from? Exclusively produced for the big screen, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN takes you on a journey to the places where great paintings and works of art were created, allowing you to immerse yourself in the artist’s world of thought.

Seventh Art presents “EXHIBITION ON SCREEN” in its original English version with German subtitles from 19 February 2017 onwards, including in the cinemas of the Yorck Group Berlin, many Cineplex cinemas, Kinopolis and selected Art House cinemas in Germany.

Information about cinemas, screening times and ticket prices at
www.exhibitiononscreen.com/de-de and facebook. com/exhibitiononscreen. english

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: A festival for art lovers and all those who want to rediscover art!

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After 500 years, Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings are still fascinating and shocking. Immerse yourself in the blossoming fantasy of a true visionary. “THE WONDERSAME WORLD OF HIERONYMUS BOSCH” revolves around the widely acclaimed exhibition “Jheronimus Bosch – Visions of Genius” at the Het Noordbrabants Museum in South Holland, which attracted almost half a million art lovers from all over the world.

American Impressionism was inspired by French models such as Renoir and Monet, but soon went its own way. The history is closely connected with the love of gardens and the desire to preserve nature in the midst of the fast urbanisation of the country. The film is based on the immensely popular touring exhibition “The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement, 1887-1920”, filmed in studios, gardens and well-kept original locations in the east of the USA, Great Britain and France.

“MICHELANGELO: LOVE AND DEATH”, release date: 18 June 2017
Based on the glorious exhibition at the National Gallery of London, this film offers a complete and fresh look at Michelangelo’s biography, which together with Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the most important artists of the Italian High Renaissance.

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is presented in Germany by Starlounge GmbH, Berlin.


From 23 January to 28 May 2017, Potsdam’s new art museum, the Museum Barberini, will be showing a total of 41 works by Monet and other masterpieces by the great Impressionist painters, such as Renoir and Caillebotte, in the exhibition: Impressionism. The art of landscape / Info and tickets: www.museum-barberini.com

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