NUIT DE LA GLISSE – Addicted to Life
Only in over 50 German cinemas on 19 and 26 February 2015
The extreme sports film of the year, not available on DVD or in stores

Nuit de la Glisse, the most successful extreme sports film production in Europe, is coming to cinema on 19 and 26 February 2015 with the new film „Addicted to Life“ as a unique film event in more than 50 German cinemas. The cinema chains Cinemaxx, Cineplex, CineStar and UCI Kinowelten as well as the Cinecitta in Nuremberg show the best of all extreme sports films on the big screen.

Addicted to Life „is the latest Nuit de la Glisse film by action sports filmmaker Thierry Donard.
He skillfully captures why athletes have a passion for pushing their limits to the limit.
Exploit new ones. In addition, he shows pictures of the most remote corners of the earth, as well as breathtaking scenes of extreme sportsmen of all kinds. This time it’s not only classical gliding sports such as snowboarding, skiing or kayaking. The audience can also look forward to daring mountain bikers, skaters and Wingsuit pilots.

The new film was shot around the globe, including Chamonix am Montblanc, Tahiti, the Pyrenees and the deserts of Almeria. Nuit de la Glisse – „Addicted to Life“ accompanied by Nuit de la Glisse
Men and women who are always looking for new sporting challenges and want to meet these challenges.
in the untamed encounter with wild nature and find themselves. Whether surfing, flying wingsuits, biking, freeriding, skating, mountain biking or kayaking, all these athletes are constantly pushing their performances and facing new challenges. Nuit de la Glisse – „Addicted to Life“ is a collage of extreme sports film segments and characters, connected by a strong narrative strand and a common story

We want to emphasize even more strongly the cinematic quality, which is our trademark.
The use of new technologies such as 4k drones and on-board cameras help us to achieve this,
to share the athlete’s sporting achievements, the beautiful landscape shots and the athlete’s entire experience directly with the spectator. And as close as possible,“says director Thierry Donard.

Nuit de la Glisse – „Addicted to Life“ tells the story of unbelievable sporting exploits: from months of, sometimes years of waiting for one moment,
the perfect giant wave or the steep mountain top has fallen on fresh powder snow.
This resulted in photographs that are unparalleled in intensity and authentic pictorial power.

Director Donard once again inspires us with a feature film that lets the audience participate in the athletes‘ attitude to life, their desire to feel themselves and their unbridled love for their sport. This is not always about maximum success. Failure is part of this love and the search for the next perfect stunt. Thierry Donard’s films have become an institution for extreme sports fans who can really savour the power of extreme sports on the big screen.

The Alternative Content Distribution Starlounge (Distribution and PR) presents Nuit de la Glisse – „Addicted to Life“ on February 19,2015 in perfect HD and crystal clear 5.1 sound as a unique cinema event on the big screens of the cinemas of UCI Kinowelten, Cineplex, CineStar, Cinemaxx and the Cinecitta in Germany. The cinema event is marketed by Creative Sales Consulting.

Further information under facebook. com/nuitdelaglisse. germany

The German premiere will take place on February 5,2015 at the ISPO in the Cinemaxx Munich. In addition to director Thierry Donard, some of the athletes from the film will also be present. Among others, Wingsuit pilot Mathias Wyss and freeskier Wille Lindbergh have announced themselves.

All around the cinema event, fantastic prizes will be raffled off online from sponsors, media partners and Facebook among all participants. Among other things, there will be a trip to Chamonix for each of the filming sessions. Free tickets are also available for every performance.

Presentation times and dates may change!
Ticket bookings are made directly via the cinema’s website:,,,

Appointments for the cinema tour in Austria will be announced in the next few days.


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Passionate athletes, extreme heroes


Wille LINDBERG: Professional Skis
Stockholm (Sweden)
Wille is known for his aggressive, uncompromising style in the freeride scene and as a participant of the Freeride World Tour for his spectacular jumps from big rocks. From the very beginning, his career was promoted by Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse.

Rémi PESCHIER: Steeps Skis
Chamonix (France)
Rémi is a local ski amateur from Chamonix and is at home here at Montblanc. He works as a ski instructor and shows our Nuit de la Glisse film team in an exciting new way how he reinterprets the downhill runs of his homeland.

Karsten GEFLE: Professional Skis
Oslo (Norway)
After a short career in alpine skiing, Karsten discovered his passion for freestyle. He loves living in nature and the community of freeriders in Chamonix. He has been living here for 15 years and is an integral part of the Nuit de la Glisse team.

Casey WESLEY: Extreme skis
Wyoming (USA)
Casey’s home is the wild west of the USA. He grew up in Jackson Hole, surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the USA. Here he has developed a passion for freeriding but also an interest in film making and brings his experience to our team in Chamonix.


Matt ANNETTS: Professional Extreme Snowboarder
Jackson Hole (USA)
Matt, also from Jackson Hole, is a former world champion and participant of the Freeride World Tour. Matt is one of the Nuit de la Glisse-Freeride athletes and ambassadors, whose development we follow with interest and whose style and motivation grows more and more over the years.


Mathias WYSS: Extreme Wingsuit
Mathias is a very disciplined exceptional athlete. With his breathtaking Wingsuite actions, he comes as close to the human dream of flying and infinite freedom as no one else.


Antoine BIZET: Professional Biker
Versailles (France)
Antoine has just made a sensation with his impressive performance on the Red Bull Rampage in the USA. His outstanding talent in this sport is now setting standards worldwide. We follow his sporting development and introduce Antoine to our Nuit de la Glisse audience.


Hira TERIINATOOOFA: Professional surfer
Tahiti (French Polynesia)
As a double ISA World Champion in 2004 and 2011, Hira is one of the most successful locals in Tahitis. With the Nuit de la Glisse film team he visits the most beautiful hidden places of his breathtaking homeland, like Teahupoo, to surf the „Big Waves“.

Tikanui SMITH: Extreme Surfer
Moorea (French Polynesia)
Nominated in the Big Wave category at the Billabong XXL Awards, Tikanui is recognized by his colleagues for his dedication and ability to surf oversized waves.

Tyler LARRONDE: Extreme Surfer
Maui, Hawaii (USA)
Tyler is the son of one of the biggest Big Wave surfers (Michel Larronde) and has earned his own place in the ranks by surfing the Jaws at the age of only 15 years. Today he is one of the most famous surfers in the line-ups on the most renowned spots of the world.

Matahi DROLLET: Extreme Surfer
Tahiti (French Polynesia)
As the last in the series of surfing brothers, Matahi follows the footsteps of his older brother and overcomes the Teahupoo wave at the age of 14. Two years later, the Tahitian continues his ascent by taking over the most impressive waves.


Aude LIONET-CHANFOUR: Free surfer
Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Ever since she was little, Aude’s been on the board. Her style combines elegance with commitment, a style she has developed throughout her many surfing trips around the world. Fruitless, this beautiful freesurfer often surfs adventurously on the biggest Polynesian waves.

Poenaiki RAIDRA: Extreme Surfer
Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Poenaiki is a lover of the ocean and at only 17 years of age he is considered one of the most promising young surfers.


Jesse RICHMAN: Professional Kitesurfers
Maui, Hawaii (USA)
The double world champion in kitesurfing Jesse has established himself as one of the unmistakable figures on the parquet. Between sky and sea, he dedicates his life to his passion and combines competitions with filming.


Maxime GERONZI: Professional Skater
Perpignan (France)
Although seen at a young age, Maxime has been able to live on his passion for filming for several years now. Despite his injuries, he is one of the best and always presents spectacular video sequences.


Eric DEGUIL: Professional Kayaker
Nîmes (France)
With two extreme kayak world championship titles and five French slalom championship titles, Eric is one of the world’s best kayakers. He has been one of the top 3 extreme kayakers for years. Waterfalls and other vertical obstacles are part of his daily routine.